MOBE Training - Technophobes, Don’t Despair! You Can Be a Great Online Marketer

MOBE Platinum partner Don Riley asked me, “Being a tech-challenged senior, how can I better understand how all the parts of a sales funnel are connected?”

I know that everyone was not raised with computer technology, and that even fewer people are familiar with online marketing systems when they start working with MOBE. That’s why new consultants are given their own coach to help them. At the same time, I know that understanding the connections between the different parts of the sales funnel can be intimidating for just about everyone.
MOBE Training - Technophobes, Don’t Despair! You Can Be a Great Online Marketer

I’m Just a Farm Boy Myself

To be honest, when I started out with online marketing I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I had to hire an assistant to do the technical work of setting up my website and putting together lead pages. Eventually, though, I got the hang of it, and I know you can too.
With over half of all American seniors logging onto the internet at home, and over 80 percent of all adults doing the same every day, more people than ever already have the basic skills necessary to learn and succeed at digital marketing.
On the journey from being an Australian farm boy to becoming the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, I encountered all kinds of systems and business practices that I didn’t understand. People “in the know” had to tell me about everything from how to handle my taxes to how to design my banner ads. Every time I encountered something I didn’t understand, I reached out and asked questions—and I learned.

Building Traffic Is Your Primary Job

There are two basic things you need to do to be successful with MOBE in the beginning: (1) reach out to your coach and, (2) focus on one traffic source.
Your coach is an invaluable source of information! This person has completed all the MOBE training, put that training into practice, and is now earning money. He or she knows exactly how to deal with whatever you find confusing. So contact your coach whenever you need to. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. see also: MOBE Training - How To Diversify Your Website Traffic Through Social Media

Find One Traffic Method and Stick to It

I’ve mentioned before that for people who are new to online marketing, it’s best to start with just one source of traffic and stick with it. The reason for this is simple: you won’t get confused, overwhelmed, and ultimately frustrated with the process.
As a part of your MOBE training, you have access to the Traffic Masters Academy. If you haven’t cracked that open yet, do it now! TMA will show you various ways to start pulling traffic into your web pages, with traffic sources like Facebook and Google Ads. Do your research on various traffic methods and choose the one that you’re most comfortable with. If a traffic source confuses or intimidates you, don’t select it!

Use Your Existing Skills to Amp up Traffic

The great thing is, if your skill set isn’t internet-based, you can still use it to drive traffic to your prepared website. Can you make a great impression via offline channels like radio, billboards, newspaper ads, or magazine inserts? Go for it! Just commit to learning how to use at least one online traffic source first.
Don’t be afraid of the online world—it’s what’s going to make all the difference in your life! I learned everything I needed to be an online marketing success, and now it’s your turn.

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