MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips - The Art of Selling Big through Webinars

Webinars can play an integral part of your business’ marketing strategy. They allow you to communicate with your audience directly and provide a platform for you to sell your products and services. However, convincing them to pay $10,000 for any offer can be a difficult task. Minuses of Water Front properties
During my early days in this industry, I watched the sale of a high-ticket product (using a webinar) by someone more experienced than I was. After recording and transcribing it, I was inspired enough to adopt his technique in my sales strategy. I soon realized that webinars could be an extremely effective channel for sales.

According to Business 2 Community, “It’s all thanks to the concept of webinar marketing as a channel where you can ‘weaponize’ your webinar conferences in a promotional perspective in order to use it as an outlet to present your products and services to your audience at large.”
So, how exactly can you sell an expensive product through a webinar?

Organize a Good Webinar

Just like presentations and pitches, you should prepare yourself before you conduct a webinar so people can sense your credibility and trust you. If you find yourself waffling or getting important details wrong, then you won’t be able to convince your attendees to convert.
Also, it’s a sound technique to split your webinar into multiple sections so that your audience doesn’t get bored. Talk about your product’s awesome features, how they can use it and its benefits. The more sections you have, the more they could understand their need for your offers. You should also begin the webinar with a brief introduction to what’s on the agenda so that the audience can clearly follow what you have to say.

Show Your Product’s Potential 

You can sell your product at any price point as long as you thoroughly explain how it can benefit your customers and show its potential to solve their problem. If you can do that, then buying your $10,000 product or service will be justified.
Tell your customers how they can get a return on their investment and how long it will take for that to happen. It shouldn’t be difficult for them to want or buy your product, no matter the cost, once they feel that it’s the only solution to their problem. 

Show Proof

MOBE has paid out millions of dollars in commissions, which proves that it can provide results. If you haven’t yet reached a significant number of sales, you should use testimonials and your customers’ success stories. The more evidence of your product’s success you show, the more convincing it will be for your prospects.

Record and Replay Webinars

The good thing about using a webinar in selling is that you can record the entire thing and use it again to attract customers. Also, those who have attended the first time can watch it again and revisit the knowledge you shared and the benefits of buying your product.
Moreover, you can create an online form using Wufoo to make your webinars easily accessible by letting customers sign up before leading them to the order form. You can also tell prospects to fill out a form so they can set a day and time to plan a strategy with you about maximizing the advantages of your offer.


After getting leads from a successful webinar, you can customize your product according to their needs by constantly communicating with them. Gain as much information as you can, including their goals and struggles, and then present your high-ticket program or package that will address their concerns.
As your company grows and you get better at webinars and gain a bigger audience, you’ll increase the chance of making more sales by following the tips offered in this article.

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